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  • Beautiful World, Beautiful Life.

    Daehan Polychem is on its way.

    Daehan Polychm Co., Ltd.(DPC) is at frontier to create new values with customer. We have produced high quality rubber products with our proficiency grinded for long time.

    We mastered CMB compound technology for last 20 years, and on top of that, we perform manufacturing and sales business on EPDM sponge, Tread, Tube&Flap, Retread tire, and Prefabricated Athletics track(Rollsheet).

    DPC earned good reputation for rubber compound in domestic market, and will be a company that adds values to customer's life.

    Business Slogan

    1. Make Best Quality

    2. Contribute to Society

    3. Improve Life Quality

    History of Daehan Polychem (DPC)

    DPC provides ultimate values to customer.

    The values will be with you and it's originated from our history below.

    1990 - 2000

    1990. 02 - 1996. 11

    1990. 02 Daehan Tube Industries is established. 

    1992. 02 Acquired KS-Mark on Tube (NO.9549)

    1994. 01 Company name changed to Daehan Tire Industries Co., Ltd. 

    1994. 04 Initiate manufacturing retread tire

    1996. 11 Acquired KS-Mark on retread tire (NO. 96-08-036)

    1997. 11. - 2000. 12

    1997. 11 Acquire ISO 9002 Certificate on tube, flap, and retread tire

    1998. 04 Acquire retread tire GR mark

    1998. 05 Acquire D, O, T 119 of retread tire

    1999. 01 Designated as Tech-competent Excellent Company (SMBA)

    2001 - 2019

    2001. 07 - 2010. 12

    2001. 07 Designated as Tech-Innovation Company (Chief, SMBA)

    2001. 07 Designated as Quality Competency Excellent Company (Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE))

    2003. 12 Certification on Quality management: KS A 9001/ISO 9001 (KOTRIC Certification Center)

    2004. 05 Designated as Promising SMB (From 1999 ~ , Jeolla-namdoh)

    2004. 08 GR(Good Recycled) Certificate (Korea Agency for Technology and Standards, MOTIE)

    2005. 03 Designated as Export Promising company (Jeolla-namdoh)

    2005. 11 New CEO, Park Jong Hyuk, inaugurated

    2006. 09 Quality Management System Certificate(Tube, Flap): ISO/TS16949 (URS Certification Center)

    2009. 05 Designated as Tech-Innovation SMB (INNOBIZ) (SMBA)

    2009. 09 Quality Management System Certificate: ISO/TS16949: 2009 (URS Certification Center)

    2011. 01 - 2019. 12

    2012. 04 New CEO, Park Jong Oh, inaugurated

    2018. 08 Acquire Quality Management System Certificate: IATF16949 

    2019. 10 Company name changed to Daehan Polychem Co., Ltd.

    2022.10 New CEO, Park Joon Beum, inaugurated


    Brother Companies

    DAEHO Industries Co., Ltd.

    DAEHO peaked 30 million USD in export making their status overwhelming in both domestic and foreign market. They're designated as Global David(Small but Powerful) Company and earned good reputation in south and central America. To add, they recently affiiated with major tire companies like Michelin to produce retread tire. Daeho is broadening their work span in the market.

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